FOR CRISIS SERVICES CALL 1-800-572-8122 or 988

Comprehensive Healthcare’s specially trained crisis responders are experienced in handling mental health crises. We are there for anyone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


During a crisis call, we will help reduce distress, and develop a plan to safely resolve the crisis at hand. This may include identification of resources, mobilization of primary support systems (e.g. friends, family, professionals), and providing access to outpatient services. In some cases, a face to face assessment is necessary to determine if there is need for hospitalization to expedite treatment, and ensure safety.


Our crisis outreach professionals are trained to recognize a broad range of behavioral health concerns that include both mental health, and substance use issues. Crisis outreach professionals are committed to the philosophy of resilience and recovery, and will strive to assist in resolving the crisis in a manner that incorporates individual choice, and the provision of services in the least restrictive way possible.