An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employee benefit provided by many businesses to their employees and family members. These services are free to the employee, and confidential. EAP counseling services are provided by master’s level counselors who can assist you with resolving a variety of personal, family, mental, emotional, financial, or substance abuse problems. EAP benefits typically cover three or four sessions of assessment, and brief solution-focused counseling. Individuals presenting with concerns that are not likely to be resolved within a few sessions will be referred for additional services. Check with your employer or human resources department to see if your employer offers EAP services. If your organization has an employee assistance program through Comprehensive Healthcare, please call (509) 575-4313 to schedule an appointment. 

For Employers

Comprehensive Healthcare’s Employee Assistance Program provides EAP services to employers who want to maximize employee productivity. EAPs have a proven track record of reducing costs associated with absenteeism, accidents, medical claims, and employee turnover. EAP services are designed to help employees, and their family members resolve personal or behavioral problems that may interfere with the employee’s work performance. Early assessment and intervention services are used in order to minimize costs to the employer.

For more information about whether providing EAP benefits to your employees is the right choice for you, or to schedule a training, contact the program coordinator at or (509) 575-3786.


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