Bipolar Disorder is a condition in which an individual experiences a distinct period or episode of intense emotions, and changes in activity, energy, or sleep that result in a change in functioning. These could be manic episodes in which the feelings are elevated, or include irritability; or depressive episodes where feelings are very low, hopeless or sad. During manic episodes, poor judgment, lack of insight, and hyperactivity can lead to unsafe behaviors, difficulties with the law, serious financial difficulties, and other problems. Individuals will sometimes discontinue medication during a manic phase, increasing the likelihood of these difficulties becoming intense. During depressive episodes, suicide risk can increase. An episode can sometimes be a mixture of both manic and depressive symptoms.

Bipolar Disorders likely have a genetic origin; a family history of Bipolar Disorder is one of the strongest and most consistent risk factors.

Can people with bipolar disorder lead healthy and productive lives? Absolutely. Talking with a mental health professional is the first step for anyone who thinks they may have bipolar disorder. Once diagnosed, individuals collaborate with their treatment team to develop an effective treatment plan that may involve interventions such as medication and therapy. The focus of treatment is to help individuals through recovery, and gain better control of moods, and resulting behavioral difficulties. If you are interested in finding help for Bipolar Disorder, or would like to meet with a therapist, simply contact us by giving us a call at any one of our locations. 

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