At Comprehensive Healthcare, we have a team dedicated to reaching individuals who are homeless. Our Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) team serves adults with serious mental illness (SMI) experiencing homelessness.


PATH-eligible clients are provided the following services:

  • Outreach

  • Screening and referral to treatment

  • Habilitation and rehabilitation support

  • Referral for community mental health services

  • Referral for substance use disorders treatment

  • Referrals for primary health care, job training, educational services, and housing.

Our Outreach Case Manager makes contact in the field with individuals located in the community who identify as homeless, and determines if there is a mental health condition present. If the individual is eligible for services, and willing to enroll into the program, the case manager will work to connect the individual with local housing resources. The case manager can also assist in linking the person to treatment services.

PATH recognizes that the engagement process can take time and requires persistence. In addition to mental health services, PATH offers support in the way of coats, clothing, food, and other necessities during the engagement period.

Services are provided in the following locations:

402 S. 4th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 575-4084