Comprehensive Healthcare provides a complete continuum of residential programs designed to support individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses. These programs provide support and assistance to help residents live happy and successful lives. We are focused on helping our residents achieve self-empowerment, independence, and the greatest quality of life possible.


Supported living apartments
Comprehensive Healthcare maintains over 150 apartments where individuals can live with independence but still have access to appropriate support and assistance.


Stepping Stone Group Home 
This assisted living facility is located in Yakima, and is designed to provide support and assistance for individuals with mental health disorders who are in need of rehabilitating independent daily living skills.


This facility is appropriate for individuals who are transitioning from high-structured care to independent living within the community. This 12-resident home is staffed 24 hours a day to provide support and case management, and to teach skills for symptom management and independent living.


Gleed Orchard Manor
Gleed Orchard Manor is an assisted living facility that provides support for individuals with medical and mental health disorders that have caused long term impairment(s) in independent daily living skills, communication, cognitive abilities, and/or social functioning.

This is a long-term facility appropriate for individuals who need considerable assistance with performing daily activities. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day to provide support, case management and activities to improve quality of life.


This adult residential treatment facility is for clients who are transitioning from high structured care to independent living within the community. This 16-resident facility is staffed 24 hours a day to provide support, case management and to teach skills for symptom management and independent living.

Residential services are designed to provide 24-hour support and treatment to persons with chronic and acute illness with limited, or no recognition of their need for services, and are facing discharge from inpatient psychiatric unit. Residential care provides education on mental illness, symptom management, and independent living skills

In a less intensive environment than state hospital care, Crossroads provides residential and treatment services for individuals requiring a high degree of support for their mental health conditions, yet not to a level that would require skilled nursing.


Garden Village 
Garden Village is a skilled nursing facility operated in partnership with MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital. Here, staff provide the highest level of comfort-driven, quality care for up to 101 individuals with complex, long-term medical, and mental health needs. The facility offers programs designed to serve residents whose needs cannot be met in a traditional nursing home setting. Garden Village is able to provide Alzheimer’s care for residents with dementia who need a secure environment that allows for freedom of mobility and access within it.


This adult residential treatment facility provides residential, individualized, and integrated treatment to individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. The program provides intensive treatment to individuals who need a higher level of care than can be provided in an outpatient setting. Treatment in this 16-bed facility is provided by an interdisciplinary team of mental health and substance use disorder professionals. The initial phase of treatment focuses on psychiatric stabilization, then later, we emphasize active treatment and community transition planning. 

Services are provided in the following locations:

307 W. Walnut Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 453-4301

Gleed Orchard Manor
30 Link Road
Naches, WA 98904
(509) 966-5880

Garden Village
2016 S. 10th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902