Individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) experience recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges, or images that are intrusive and unwanted – referred to as obsessions. They may also exhibit repetitive behaviors or mental acts that the individual feels driven to perform in response to an obsession or due to believed rules that the individual feels must be applied rigidly – known as compulsions. The behaviors or mental acts are not connected in a realistic way with what they are meant to neutralize or prevent, or are clearly excessive.

An individual with OCD may not recognize that the OCD beliefs are true or untrue. If the thoughts or behaviors are recognized as unrealistic and excessive, the individual still feels the compulsive behaviors must be completed. The expended time and energy with compulsive behaviors can be exhausting, and interfere with daily functioning and enjoyment of life.

People of any age and gender can be diagnosed with OCD. The direct cause is unknown, but some contributing factors to the diagnosis include genetics, brain structure, or traumatic experiences. If OCD is untreated, the disorder can become chronic.

Treatment of OCD includes therapy, but may also include medication also. As for any diagnosis, Comprehensive Healthcare providers personalize treatment, working with each individual to develop a collaborative, effective treatment plan.

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