At Comprehensive Healthcare, we are driven to overcome any boundaries in order to provide services and support to our clients. Telehealth technology is central to our mission (to provide innovative, integrated healthcare, community education, and services to individuals, families, and organizations). While in-person care is most ideal, telehealth can help overcome obstacles that could otherwise prevent an individual from receiving care entirely.

Telehealth is a form of telecommunication technologies defined as the use of real-time interactive video conferencing between a clinician and a patient to assess, treat and provide care remotely. Comprehensive Healthcare’s telehealth therapy services remove traditional barriers to deliver a seamless experience for our remote patients.

Telehealth sessions can take place on-location at any of our main office locations, or virtually from the comfort of your own home on a mobile or desktop device.

Is Online Telehealth Secure?

Yes! We have chosen to offer our telehealth services through Webex, because this technology meets HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Is Online Telehealth Effective?

After reviewing extensive data, the National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI), concluded: “telemental health care can provide effective and adaptable solutions to the care of mental illnesses universally.” Comprehensive Healthcare also makes sure programs and services are consistent with our in-person outpatient services so that individuals receiving care via telehealth have successful outcomes.

Benefits of Telehealth

There are actually a number of things that some individuals find beneficial when given the option for telehealth counseling services. The potential benefits of telehealth include:

  • Reducing the need for travel

  • Potentially reduces stress

  • Reduces waiting time

  • Increases access to care

  • Allows for better engagement between individuals and their clinician

  • Improved overall satisfaction for some

How to get started

Simply give us a call at (509) 575-4084 and ask us about our telehealth options! You can also send us a note through our Contact Us form.

When it is almost time for your appointment, you will receive an email link from Comprehensive Healthcare to join your Online Telehealth appointment via a program called Webex. Although you can, you do not have to download the Webex application. You will receive a link specific to that session which will allow you to log into your virtual video or call session.

Webex makes online telehealth appointments easy. As long as you have a device with a camera, an internet connection, and a quiet place where you can properly communicate — you’re ready to go! Many people prefer to use headphones on their computer, phone or tablet to minimize distraction and stay focused during their appointment. Webex works on personal computer, android, and Apple devices.

What You Can Expect During Treatment

You can anticipate that your clinician will encourage you to take an active role in identifying goals as well as the concerns to be covered in treatment. You and your clinician work as a team, and your input is essential. Tell your clinician what is working or not working for you. Your clinician will assist you in identifying and maximizing your strengths, capabilities, and independence.

If something is uncomfortable, awkward or not what you expected while receiving services it is best to share this with your clinician before it affects your progress. If you do not feel comfortable talking with your clinician you may ask to speak to their supervisor.

Although sometimes difficult, the more open you are the more effective treatment will be, but you will not be forced to talk about anything you don’t feel ready to talk about. When you do choose to discuss something that is difficult, your clinician will listen and respond without judgment.

You are the expert in your life. Your life decisions will be respected. Your clinician is a coach who will provide assistance clarifying thoughts, feelings and values as well as help you generate alternative ways of coping and managing symptoms.

Although it can feel uncomfortable, applying new skills and different ways of coping in your daily life will give you the best results in your recovery. Keep in mind change does not happen overnight.

There is a direct relationship between your progress and attendance of scheduled appointments. A pattern of missed appointments may be an indication that you are not ready or able to engage in treatment at this time. Services may be discontinued with an invitation to resume at a later date.
Treatment consists of episodes of care that address immediate issues currently interfering with your quality of life. Once you have met your treatment objectives and completed services you will have the option to return at a future date if needed.
You may experience a lot of difficult feelings during treatment. It is not unusual to experience uncomfortable emotions and assume that treatment is not helping. This is a normal part of the process and it is important to share these feelings with your clinician.
If you are in crisis, bringing it up at the beginning of the session will assist your clinician in better helping you. Life can sometimes throw a curveball that can result in a shift in focus. If the focus of your treatment objectives needs to change, you and your clinician can update your care plan.
There will be good feelings of being in control, moving forward, and making healthy decisions that impact yourself, your family and your relationships. The recovery process is a lifelong one and your progress will continue even after you are no longer in treatment.

Helpful Tools and Troubleshooting

Webex Help for Mobile App

Desde una invitación de calendario / correo electrónico, siga los pasos a continuación

Webex Help for Desktop

Cómo unirse a una reunión de Webex con un video Unidad de conferencia