Our Healthy Transitions Program aims to increase self-efficacy and maximize young adults’ potential to lead full and productive lives. Healthy Transitions offers individual counseling, supported employment/housing, care coordination, peer support, case management, life skills groups, and some financial assistance. 

Life Skills Groups

In the Healthy Transitions life skills groups, you are assisted and supported throughout your journey of gaining a variety of life skills. 

Our Life Skills Groups consist of:

  • Career Building: You will learn how to build a resume, search for jobs, fill out a job application, and participate in mock interview to help you prepare for your job search.
  • Independent living skills: Learn how to move out on your own and gain independence. Learn how to search for housing, apply, and access resources in the community that can help financially. Gain the skills and knowledge needed with learning to pay bills, set up utilities, Wi-Fi, laundry, meal prep and more. 
  • Budgeting: Learning to become financially independent and responsible with your finances. Learn how to set up a checking and savings account, set goals for spending, learn about building credit etc.
  • Healthy Living: Learning the importance of being active and the role exercise plays with mental health. Also explore how to make healthier lifestyle choices, learn to cook/meal prep, and participate in social activities within the community.
  • How to get your drivers license: Discuss steps needed to schedule and pass the driving exams. We will complete practice tests as a group, go over information from the drivers guide, and review material that is expected to be on both exams. The group leader will provide likely scenarios and explore correct responses and the safety behind why this information is important.

You will need to provide proof of ID to take both tests. Don’t have an ID? Let’s work on that.