Comprehensive Healthcare’s Adolescent Inpatient Facility (also known as Two Rivers Landing) provides two separate treatment programs. The first involves short-term stabilization, where adolescents are referred for acute, inpatient care. The average length of stay is eight to ten days, symptoms are quickly stabilized, and connections are established to community providers.

The second program provides long-term care for adolescents referred through the State of Washington. Adolescents participating in this program stay for an average of six to eight months, and receive long-term care directed at stabilizing behavioral patterns to help them transition into living at home.


Youth admitted generally meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Need crisis stabilization

  • Present as a potential danger to self, others, or property

  • Are unable to care for self or stay safe

  • Need constant supervision and adult intervention to assure a safe environment

  • Are unable to think clearly or distinguish reality

  • Experience extreme problems with mood or behavior

  • Have tried other less restrictive services which were not successful, or were unable to ensure the youth’s safety


A multi-disciplinary team works with every client receiving services at our adolescent inpatient facility. This team includes medical providers, mental health therapists, nurses, recreation therapists, and a transition coordinator to effectively help clients plan for returning to their communities. Clients participate in regular individual and group therapy, as well as medication management appointments. Families and other community supports are important components of client care. Clients will be returning to the community when they have met treatment goals, and the clinical team works to actively engage all of the individuals who will be supporting the client in their transition to living at home.


During their stay at Two Rivers Landing, clients will:

  • Participate in daily individual therapy sessions

  • Have daily appointments with a psychiatrist or other prescriber

  • Attend a variety of psycho-educational and behavioral groups held throughout the day

  • Be offered a minimum of one family or community support session during their stay


Families are encouraged to participate in the treatment process as much as possible. The treatment team recognizes that admissions impact the family and support systems of all clients, and strives to provide comprehensive care to all those involved in the client’s life whenever possible.

In place of a seclusion room, Comprehensive Healthcare utilizes a sensory room in our Adolescent Inpatient Facility. Clients actively participate in community meetings twice a day, and are involved in planning and keeping the unit safe. In the community meeting, the client and care givers agree to expectations of the day, and addresses agitation and anger as they begin, instead of responding when it is too late.

Successful staff-to-client interaction is modeled and coached routinely by the supervisors of the building, and the impact is reflected by all aspects of the youth behavior. In a recent audit by the CLIP administration, the residents all gave the adolescent inpatient facility an “A”. This has not been accomplished by any other CLIP facility in the State of Washington.

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