Comprehensive Healthcare’s Aspen Victim Advocacy Services in Yakima are located inside Comprehensive Healthcare’s Yakima Center. Our location offers a safe space for individuals who are survivors of violent crimes such as sexual assault to come and receive services. Aspen Victim Advocacy Services is also here to serve those who have been harmed as a result of crimes such as assault, robbery, child abuse, identity theft, arson, kidnapping, hate crimes, and human trafficking.

Aspen of Yakima serves both primary (to whom the violence was directed) and secondary (other concerned parties such as families & friends) victims of intimate partner domestic violence and sexual assault. We respond to the emotional needs of crime victims, and help them and their families stabilize their lives after victimization.

Aspen is able to provide services for other crimes through the Aspen Crime Victim Service Center (CVSC), also located in Yakima. The CVSC provides crime victim services for both Kittitas and Yakima Counties. Crime Victim Services include, but are not limited to, non-intimate partner domestic violence, burglary, assault, trafficking, and identity theft.

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The Aspen Victim Advocacy Yakima Center offers the following services:

  • Sexual assault and crime suvivor advocacy

  • 24-hour access to services

  • Advocacy-based counseling

  • Therapy (victims of sexual assault)

  • Information about abuse and assault

  • Referrals to other helpful programs

  • Help with housing

  • Support through the legal, medical and criminal justice systems

  • Community presentations and education

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402 S 4th Ave
Yakima, Washington
Phone: (509) 452-9675