Comprehensive Healthcare operates in eight cities, and provides services in eleven counties across Central Washington, stretching as far north as Moses Lake and as far south as the border with Oregon. While this area is mostly known as a rural agricultural region, its lively cities and unique geology make it an excellent place to live and recreate.

Because of the rain shadow effect from the Cascade Mountains, most locations in Central Washington have a mild, arid climate and enjoy an average of 300+ days of sunshine per year. We tend to have cool winters with little snow and warm, dry summers. Most of our communities are surrounded by rolling hills or ridge lines, and have excellent views of the neighboring mountains.

All of this makes Central Washington the perfect place for outdoor recreation. Whether for fishing, hiking, kayaking, camping, skiing, ATVing, or rock climbing, this region boasts quick access to outstanding recreation sites. Vast areas of national forest, federal public lands, state parks, and multiple national parks and monuments are all within a short drive, making Central Washington an exceptional place for outdoor enthusiasts.  

As an agricultural region, Central Washington produces a huge proportion of our nation’s apples, cherries, pears, wine grapes, and hops. The Greater Columbia Region is becoming increasingly well-known as a hub for the craft beer and wine industry, and attracts tourists from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Since our communities are smaller, the cost of living tends to be much more affordable than in larger, metro areas. We have a variety of options for housing, plus short commute times and free, on-site employee parking at all of our locations. Because of our central location, all the amenities of the major metropolitan areas of Seattle, Portland, and Spokane are just a short trip away.

Check out the 2019 Yakima Valley Relocation Guide to learn more about what makes central Washington such a great place to live and work.


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