Coping With Stress During a Time of Crisis

Social distancing can take a toll (after all, most of us are social creatures). Find alternative ways to take care of you and your family.

1. Unplug.

Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be overwhelming.

2. Take care of your body.

Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and drugs.

3. Unwind.

Try to do some activities you enjoy. It is very important to fit in that extra time for just yourself. Whethor it’s reading, walking, or doing crafts – fitting in at least 30 minutes to escape will be well worth it.

4. Pick up the phone.

Connect with others, and talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. Take full advantage of technology like FaceTime, Skype, and other forms of video and/voice communication!

5. Stick with the facts.

Understanding the actual risk to yourself and people you care about can make an outbreak less stressful. Stick to one news source or just the CDC website for information.

6. Limit exposure to news coverage.

This includes social media. Children may misinterpret what they hear and can be frightened about something they do not understand.

7. Try to keep regular routines.

Even though school is closed, create a schedule for learning activities and relaxing or fun activities.

8. Be a role model.

Take breaks, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat well. Children often adopt the coping strategies they observe in their parents.

9. Ask for help.

If you feel overwhelmed or concerned that COVID-19 is affecting your ability to care for your family as you did before the outbreak, reach out for help. If you do not want to come in person for help, request support by phone.

10. Go outside every day if you are able!

Exercise, take walks/runs outside, and stay connected through phone, video, and other social media. Going outside will be important during these strange times, and the weather is improving! If you have kids, try playing a family soccer game, but avoid those playground structures.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Unplug. Connect. Ask for help. You can do this!

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