Our Shared Vision of Equity

By: Jodi Daly, Ph.D., President and CEO

As we navigate the beginning of 2021 against a backdrop of challenges and opportunities due to the pandemic, my hope is that we experience a year of healing. I hope we experience a year in which the vaccine protects our communities, and our unity and solidarity around racial and social disparities continue to foster inclusivity and sustainability.

The threat that this virus created in our communities – destabilizing our health and economic wellbeing while highlighting the disparities suffered by communities of color and women, shows there is work to be done. I am heartened each day, as I witness our communities take on these challenges to assist and support businesses, school systems, and healthcare structures, while becoming more aware of the importance of our social fabric and wellness.

Importantly, the strong spirit and the stamina that community members
have exhibited has been amazing. Across our region, and our country, community service organizations received record-breaking donations.
Additionally, increased collaborations and innovations have assisted organizations in making systemic improvements to better serve those in need, which ultimately make a social and economic impact to the
communities we serve.

As we venture forth in 2021, and continue to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic, the need for accessible, culturally affirming mental health and substance use disorder support has never been more acute and more important to Comprehensive Healthcare’s mission and strategy. You can
rely on us to continue to work on initiatives that impact our community’s health and wellbeing.

The staff at Comprehensive Healthcare continues to be innovative and client- and community-focused as we begin 2021. As author Roy Spence says in his book, “It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For,” every organization can be successful when driven by a purpose, just as we are at
Comprehensive Healthcare.

Despite a challenging year, we are proud of our team’s ability to drive forward with our mission of standing up for the most vulnerable, and continuing to foster truly vibrant communities that are inclusive of all individuals. By playing a role in the sustainability, resilience, and overall wellbeing of our corner of the world, we are able to forge paths of progress
for all those who live here, in our schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces. We are grateful for the work and care of everyone in our community in our shared vision of creating a better tomorrow.

Comprehensive Healthcare’s 2020 Highlights
•Creating a new PACT Team to serve community members with intensive
behavioral health needs in Walla Walla.
•Beginning an Arrest and Jail Alternatives program in Walla Walla
through the Washington Association of Sheriff and Police Chiefs (WASPC) and in partnership with the Walla Walla Police Department and Blue Mountain Heart to Heart.
• Expanding New Journeys and WISe programs to support youth and families in Pasco.
•Hiring primary care residents from Washington State University as interns in our inpatient centers.
•Assisting in drafting two legislative bills for the 2020 session.
•Developing plans to build a Secure Detox Center in Walla Walla.
•Receiving the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic award of
$2 million to expand services to underserved populations, in addition
to the Federal Communications Commission awarding us $421,000 to
assist with tablets, mobile hotspots and laptops to better serve our communities through technology.
•Deploying telehealth protocols to 280 staff, a seamless process that allowed
immediate access to care during social distancing measures in 2020.
•Implementing a series of Employee Health and Wellness activities
such as Yoga Days and mindful meditation sessions.
• Encouraging innovation projects brought forth by staff to create new
streamlined processes and improve efficiency across the board.
• Forming our Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee.
•Partnering with Health Commons (in our Sunnyside location), the Yakima County Health District, and the Washington State Department of Health to offer a free COVID-19 testing site in Sunnyside.
•Receiving funding to build supportive housing in Sunnyside from the
Washington State Department of Commerce 2020 Housing Trust Fund

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