Parenting During a Pandemic

Families are experiencing a wide range of stressors during the COVID-19 public health crisis.  Health concerns predominate during this time, but they are not the only things families worry about.     Children have been home from school and it unclear at this time what “back to school” is going to look like this fall.  Most families have experienced financial impacts, and social distancing requirements have resulted in increased isolation and a fragmenting of natural support networks. 

Unfortunately, Comprehensive Healthcare is not able to offer its Strong Families Ÿ Familias Fuertes classes right now because of COVID-19 health risks.  The curriculum we use to teach these classes, Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) is promoted and supported by the Race Equality Foundation based in England has been providing resources and ideas to support families during the crisis and stay at home measures.

The resources include brief articles on many of the skills and ideas presented in our Strong Families classes.  These include:

  • Special time in lockdown
  • Thinking about structure
  • Temperament in lockdown
  • Thinking about our roots
  • Modeling in lockdown
  • Circles of support
  • Rites of passage in Lockdown
  • Managing conflict in lockdown
  • The nature of humans

So whether you are a Strong Families class graduate looking to brush up on topics covered in the class, or a parent or caregiver waiting to take a parenting class, the Race Equality Foundation’s Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities website can be a valuable resource.  Some of the resources listed are specific to the United Kingdom, but most will apply to any family.  The most recent SFSC eNewsletter promoted this article on “13 Skills To Teach Your Kids (And Yourself) During Lockdown”.

More resources and ideas can be found on the Race Equality Foundation’s Children & Families website.

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