Embracing the Convenience of Telehealth Appointments

Our team aims to make care convenient and accessible in many ways – including through telehealth, where we see clients virtually on their computers or mobile devices through audio/video appointments. Comprehensive Healthcare uses the WebEx software, with HIPAA-compliant security, to deliver mental health and substance use disorder therapy appointments to our vibrant communities. Using this software as a service solution, providers and clinicians are also able to ensure immediate connection with those in crisis, allowing for quicker triage to meet the immediate need(s).

We can host a telehealth encounter by scheduling WebEx appointments wherever our clients may be, including the client’s home, work, car, or school, and even in correctional facilities, in addition to most hospital Emergency Rooms (ERs) across our service areas. To support clients and care teams in jails and ERs, telehealth allows us to instantly connect with medical providers, correctional staff, and clients in times of crisis to help determine if a designated crisis responder is needed immediately.

Research shows that care delivered virtually can be just as effective as in-person treatment. Plus, virtual services help to reduce missed appointments, because it’s easy, timely and convenient for clients to meet with their care team. In fact, if a client can’t make it to their in-person appointment, our provider can call them and share a WebEx link to connect virtually, which helps everyone adhere to a consistent treatment plan.

Telehealth is especially impactful in rural areas, helping clients avoid long trips to physical locations and making a range of services available to communities where we might not have a clinic. For example, in Klickitat County we’re currently serving 120 clients through telehealth which helps provide much needed behavioral health care to community members who need it.

While some may be unfamiliar with WebEx, help is always available to help with new technology and technical issues. And realizing that not everyone has reliable internet access at home, we’ve equipped some of our Comprehensive Healthcare locations with private client rooms, comfortable seating and internet access for the telehealth technological connection, which helps provide equitable access for our clients. We can also treat our clients virtually from anywhere that offers free and reliable Wi-Fi access such as public libraries with private rooms, in the client’s car outside of McDonalds or Starbucks, school districts, or any public access point. We have even worked with community partners to help clients with getting a, temporary private room for their telehealth appointment within a local hospital.

If you’re new to WebEx telehealth appointments, step-by-step
instructions are provided for assistance. You’ll find that it’s easy to use, here’s how:

  1. If you’re an existing client, simply call in to schedule an appointment.
  2. We’ll ask you if you prefer in-person or telehealth.
  3. Support services will send you a calendar invite with an embedded link.
  4. At your appointment time, just click the link in the invite to join your appointment.