Employee of the Month – May

Loretta Pechtel, Case Manager for the Rehab Team in Yakima, leads her team with a direct, honest approach and continues to set the bar high for team performance. She continues to work diligently in advocating for client needs. She doesn’t give up when clients become challenging and continues to communicate with them to build insight.She utilizes her years of experience with clients as well as changes in the agency, and promotes pride in the work she does. Loretta holds similar core values to the agency and when she receives push back, she continues to be persistent in her advocacy in a respectful manner to justify her decisions/referrals/concerns.Not only does she show genuine connection and care for clients, but for team members as well. She is comfortable providing people with constructive feedback as well as reaching out for advice. With constant adjustments due to COVID-19, Loretta has prioritized the needs of her clients and made a commitment to addressing their fears. She takes people shopping during senior hours to ensure their needs are met. Loretta has a commitment to this population, team, and agency that is unlike any other. She understands the process to recovery is not quick and has the patience to go through step by step with clients. She has an ability to provide validation and a calming presence for those she works with.

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