Fostering Strong Partnerships: Central Washington Fentanyl Task Force

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Frank Garner, sits on the Central Washington Fentanyl Task Force along with Comprehensive Healthcare board members Megan Tweedy, an activist preventing death by fentanyl overdose; Yakima County Sheriff Robert Udell, and State Rep. Gina Mosbrucker. In May 2023,U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse launched the task force to address the spectrum of issues tied to the fentanyl crisis – focusing on enforcement, education, prevention, and treatment.

Including treatment providers on the task force helps to interpret data and ensures that policies are attuned to the epidemic’s human side.

“Having our voices at the table is critical to share our knowledge with key federal decision-makers, such as Congressman Newhouse, so that they hear from community behavioral health experts in Central Washington doing the work,” Tweedy said

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