Fostering Strong Partnerships: Hub and Spoke

Hub and Spoke is a gateway to connect clients to necessary healthcare within the Central Washington region and throughout our local communities. It utilizes key partnerships to expand access to medications to treat opioid use disorder (MOUD) for individuals struggling with opioid use disorder (OUD). This innovative approach places Comprehensive Healthcare at the center– or hub – of a diverse network of 15+ community-based service providers, known as spokes, to ensure that clients receive the individualized support and services they need to help them through treatment.

“It takes a village to fight the war on opioids,” said Marc Shellenberger, Hub and Spoke care manager, and 15-year veteran employee at Comprehensive Healthcare. “Our intention with this program is to come together as a network of specialized services to help people achieve their goals for recovery.

”Based on our clients’ needs, we have many options to refer clients to partners, such as specialized providers for substance use disorder treatment, mental health care, long-term care for a variety of different services such as housing and food resources, and primary medical care.

Comprehensive Healthcare qualifies as a hub because we offer a full spectrum of programs: we’re one of only two opioid treatment programs in Central Washington that also offers crisis triage, residential treatment for co-occurring mental health and SUD treatment, outpatient treatment, and a withdrawal management program.

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