Introducing our new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Matt Kollman

Matt comes to Comprehensive Healthcare from Yakima Chief Hops where he has been working for the past year as the Vice President of Business Administration as well as other roles. Before then, Matt worked with Yakima Valley Memorial for 14 years, starting out as a practice administrator, working his way up through the corporate ladder and exited when he was VP of Patient Care and Business Development, and COO of Memorial Physicians. Matt’s early healthcare career began when he worked for Madrona Medical Group in Bellingham, but he didn’t always anticipate a career in healthcare leadership.

“I sometimes say my career was a bit of an accident,” said Matt. “It was kind of an accident just because I didn’t set out to be in healthcare, but they kept asking me to do more.”

When he went to Central Washington University for this Undergraduate degree, Matt thought he would study and find a career in forensic psychology. Matt went on to get a Master’s degree in Clinical Physiology, and became captivated with research. He became a Research Assistant for Central Washington University and coordinated a research project in Bend, Oregon. When he and his wife were living there, they decided they were ready for a change and opportunity to move closer to home. He started working as a researcher in Bellingham, but found himself a bit bored with research, but the company he was working for offered him a position managing some of their physician practices. This is where the bulk of his career started.

Matt’s decision to return to the healthcare industry and choosing a career at Comprehensive Healthcare is primarily due to his desire for a more purpose-driven occupation that positively impacts his community. He has lived in the Yakima community since he was three years old, attended Gilbert Elementary, Wilson Middle School, and Eisenhower High School. He is also married with two girls, ages 15 and 12.

“Having been a community member for most of my life and working in healthcare, I am certainly well aware of the work Comprehensive Healthcare does. Your positive reputation is one reason I am excited to join the team, help provide value to the product we offer, and help the people that we serve.”

We are very excited to bring Matt onboard as COO, having extensive experience in Lean/Six Sigma production and leadership, a structured approach to process improvement, and applying those principles to a healthcare setting. Matt’s approach to leadership is one that focuses on the people—staff and consumers alike, and showing respect is the basis for lean thinking.

We are sure Matt’s personality and choice of wellness activities will also fit right in! Matt and his family enjoy doing anything outdoors, from backpacking and fishing to hiking and snowshoeing—pretty much every weekend the Kollman family are having fun in the mountains.

As part of his role as COO, Matt will start out by diving into implementing strategies and ensuring quality care. Be sure to send a virtual “welcome” to Matt, or better yet, provide him with an opportunity to attend a team meeting so that he may get to know the organization better! 

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