Welcome, new Chief of Integration and Managed Care Officer!

Edith (Edie) Dibble is Comprehensive Healthcare’s new Chief of Integration and Managed Care Officer (CIMCO). This new Core Team position will oversee our health system’s managed care strategy, planning, and implementation. The CIMCO will also participate in establishing quality and financial performance standards for the managed care products and track benchmarks. They may also negotiate the health system’s contracts, providing oversight of the health system’s contractual relationships, and all business matters associated with managed care such as determining appropriate rates structures.

The CIMCO role will supervise the Authorization and Referral team, and Utilization Management. While also coordinating and working with nearly all other departments within Comprehensive Healthcare to ensure managed care functions are conducted accurately, timely and in a manner compliant with all regulatory and contractual requirements. They will also partner the Quality team which will develop utilization management and quality improvement strategies.

Before joining Comprehensive Healthcare, Edie was working for Centene, a fortune-500 company providing comprehensive managed healthcare. She has roughly 25 years of healthcare experience including experience working on both the provider and payer side of the industry.  Edie is experienced providing strategic leadership and advisory for healthcare organizations specializing in managed care.  She is highly skilled in network development, network management, deal-structuring, negotiation, and provider relations, and complex knowledge of Medicaid and managed care plans as well as behavioral health contracts.

“The main thing I will bring Comprehensive Healthcare is the ability to look deeper into policies and processes, and find money that is possibly being left on the table, then streamline internal processes so that we are getting the full funding and revenue that we should be,” said Edie. 

Edie is also looking forward to being a part of an organization that makes a positive impact on her local community. Edie currently lives in the Selah area, is originally from Yakima County, and grew up near White Pass. “Kindergarten through 12th grade was at Naches Valley School District,” said Edie. She went on to attend Yakima Valley Community College where she earned her Associates of Arts Degree, then Central Washington University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Business Administration. Edie is also an OIC Washington State Licensed Insurance Agent.

She has been married for almost 25 years; Edie and her husband have three kids, age 18 and 11-year-old twins. Even though Edie worked at White Pass ski lodge as a teenager, she said she is not much of a skier, but she and her family like to boating and wakeboarding in summers. “My life has mostly been kids and work,” she confesses, laughingly. 

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