New PACT Program in Walla Walla

Comprehensive Healthcare is now offering intensive treatment services through a newly formed Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) program in Walla Walla. PACT is an innovative, evidence-based behavioral health program created for individuals with severe mental health disorders who are frequently hospitalized, or often utilize other crisis services.

Individuals enrolled into these services meet specific criteria and have struggled to be successful in traditional models of care. PACT is a community-based treatment program, not provided in an office setting, but rather in the community.

PACT is a very recovery-oriented program; provided through a team approach. Treatment focuses on reducing the individual’s need for hospitalization, decreasing their need for crisis services, improving daily living and social skills, and developing skills for employment. PACT teams can also address each of their client’s needs and strengths to provide the right care for that person.

“Ultimately, this program is intended to help the client increase their quality of life and sustain independent living,” said Regina Myers, Director for Walla Walla Services.

The care team includes nine staff members with different disciplines: two nurses, two behavioral health specialists, a substance use disorder professional, a peer support specialist, case manager, a medical provider, and a team leader.

For more information about this program or to refer an individual, please contact Comprehensive Healthcare’s Walla Walla center at (509) 524-2929.

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