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Men’s Health Month #GiveMeAnHour

June is Men’s Health Month! This month, we will be doing a social media challenge called #GiveMeAnHour! We are encouraging men (and everyone) to take at least one hour for themselves, doing some sort of fun physical activity, and connecting with at least one other person while doing so! The reason for this challenge is […]

Coping With Stress During a Time of Crisis

Social distancing can take a toll (after all, most of us are social creatures). Find alternative ways to take care of you and your family. 1. Unplug. Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be overwhelming. 2. Take care of your body. Take […]

Change Your Feelings by Changing Your Behavior

Get Up and Get Moving One of the most effective treatments for depression is behavioral activation.  Behavioral activation has its roots in Behavioral Therapy but now is regularly used as a component of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   Depressive symptoms include lack of motivation, tiredness, social withdrawal and worrying which can all contribute to a decrease […]

Do’s for Divorced Parents

Navigating the challenges of parenting is difficult enough when everyone lives in the same house. When parents separate or divorce, those challenges multiply. There are a few things parents can do to ensure that children and teens cope with the stress of a changing family structure and maintain healthy bonds with both parents. Do love […]

The Right Fit: 10 Questions to Ask a Counselor

Ron Gengler, Chief Clnical Officer As a counselor in Yakima for 23 years, I get calls from folks asking who I think would be a good counselor for them. I learned a long time ago to only give the names of counselors I would trust with my own children.  There are counselors that make me a […]