Comprehensive Healthcare unveils myStrength mobile app for client support and wellness

Building on a year that has showcased the power of technology to help clients and care professionals stay connected, Comprehensive Healthcare recently began providing streamlined access to myStrength, a mobile app that serves as a touchpoint between appointments and a tool to practice mindfulness and other healthy behaviors.

The app, first developed as an evidence-based tool to assist therapists in treating depression, anxiety and stress, has grown in popularity and expanded to support needs for substance use issues, chronic pain management, opioid recovery, and insomnia.

“At Comprehensive Healthcare, we are always exploring new technologies that will support our clients’ wellness and recovery, while also making care more accessible and convenient,” said Ron Gengler, chief clinical officer at Comprehensive Healthcare. “I’ve learned firsthand the power of mindfulness and breathing techniques and am thrilled to offer this app as a dynamic complement to our services, for at-home and on-the-go wellness strategies to help manage everyday life struggles.”

Comprehensive Healthcare is rolling out myStrength to clients and team members across its outpatient, inpatient and residential programs as well as to their family members, offering access to nearly every individual in the region.

Clients electing to use myStrength are given an access code, and after signing up, their clinician assigns activities as part of their overall treatment. For clients enrolled in residential or inpatient programs who may not have access to the necessary technology, staff are available to showcase the app and its features from their own professional account so clients can begin practicing some of the skills while they are on the unit, allowing them to also continue using the app on their own devices after leaving the facility if they choose.

To support the initial launch of the program, Comprehensive Healthcare identified early adopters of the app among the staff to work with clients and help them become familiar with myStrength.

The organization purchased a one-year subscription to myStrength with potential to extend for both clients and employees thanks to the efforts of Comprehensive Healthcare’s Division Director Kyle Cardwell and funding from Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health.

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