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Comprehensive Healthcare presenta la aplicación móvil myStrength dirigida a brindar bienestar y apoyo a las personas

Continuando las tendencias del año pasado en las que se demostró el poder que tiene la tecnología para mantener conectados a los pacientes con los proveedores de atención médica, Comprehensive Healthcare presentó recientemente la aplicación móvil myStrength, una aplicación que funciona como un punto de contacto entre las consultas médicas, a la vez que sirve […]

Una verdad fundamental: el bienestar mental es primordial para gozar de buena salud

De: Dra. Jodi Daly, Presidenta y Directora General Una de las lecciones que nos dejó el impredecible año 2020 es que el cuerpo y la mente están estrechamente vinculados y la única forma de llevar una vida más sana y productiva es cuidando del bienestar mental. La salud mental es primordial para gozar de una […]

Durante el mes de la salud mental y el resto del año, recuerde que no está solo

Los defensores y organizaciones de todo el país trabajan para concientizar sobre la realidad de vivir con una enfermedad mental. Comprehensive Healthcare se une a su labor para hacer saber a la comunidad que laspersonas con una enfermedad mental no están solas. Durante el mes de mayo, dedicado a la salud mental, con el fin […]

People-powered mental health initiative “A Mindful State” launches in Washington in partnership with Comprehensive Healthcare, advocates statewide

Three out of every seven people in Washington will likely experience a clinically significant mental illness throughout 2021, with that number expected to rise in the coming years. To address a crisis of this scale, a team of advocates and nonprofits joined together to create A Mindful State, a digital campaign seeking to empower people […]

Addressing the rise in opioid deaths: Partnerships provide expanded care, save lives in Yakima

The rate of opioid overdose death is accelerating, sounding alarm bells for an already dire issue. Recognizing that 2020 was a record year for opioid-related deaths in Washington and across the U.S., with 2021 set to continue the trend, the teams at Comprehensive Healthcare and Yakima Valley Memorial recently joined together to launch new cohesive […]

Comprehensive Healthcare unveils myStrength mobile app for client support and wellness

Building on a year that has showcased the power of technology to help clients and care professionals stay connected, Comprehensive Healthcare recently began providing streamlined access to myStrength, a mobile app that serves as a touchpoint between appointments and a tool to practice mindfulness and other healthy behaviors. The app, first developed as an evidence-based […]

A fundamental truth: mental health is central to health itself

By: Jodi Daly, Ph.D., President and CEO Among the many lessons this unpredictable year has highlighted is that our bodies and minds are intrinsically linked, and it’s only possible to live our healthiest, most productive lives by supporting our mental wellness. Mental health is central to our overall health – and as you’ll read in […]

Through mental health month and beyond, you are not alone

As advocates and organizations nationwide raise awareness about the reality of living with mental illness, Comprehensive Healthcare is joining the call to remind everyone in our community that you are not alone. During Mental Health Month in May, Comprehensive Healthcare organized several activities and community education trainings to better support individuals with a mental illness, […]