Meet Our New CFO

Comprehensive Healthcare’s new Chief Financial Officer, Diahann Barrera started her new role at Comprehensive Healthcare on Monday, December 28.

Diahann Barrera comes to Washington from Reno, Nevada where she was the Chief Financial Officer for Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. She has about 24 years of experience, 13 of which has been working in Behavioral Health. She also has extensive experience working for not-for-profit organizations and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s).

She started a professional path in healthcare finance early in her career when she got a job in the dental industry in Florida. Since then, Diahann says she found herself in roles at other healthcare organizations—many of which had a behavioral healthcare component. Then, finally, she found herself at a behavioral health organization.

“I kind of landed in finance and healthcare…” says Diahann. “When I moved back to California, my friend got me a job working for Independent Practitioners’ Association, and it became clear what I was capable of. People started to notice and offered me jobs, so I ended up at a number of healthcare organizations. A lot of those either were behavioral healthcare organizations, or had a behavioral health component, and I have always had a passion for behavioral health.”

Diahann says her decision to work for Comprehensive Healthcare was motivated by her desire to work for a non-profit entity once again. “I wasn’t very excited about working for a for-profit company, so I am looking forward to getting back to working for a not-for-profit.”

Originally from Orange County, California, Diahann went to Bellevue University in Nebraska where she got her Master of Business Administration. She’s also lived in Florida, Wyoming, and Bellingham, Washington where she worked for Unity Care Northwest.

Diahann is married with two grown sons, and one adorably goofy seven-year-old Boxer named Diesel. She is looking forward to living in Central Washington, and being closer to friends that live in Seattle and Portland, but also near the rainy weather that she has been missing since leaving Bellingham.

In her free time, Diahann says she likes to do crafts like scrapbooking and card making, and also loves to go on adventures, taking Diesel on walks when they visit new places. She can’t wait to visit Seattle again when businesses start opening up once more. She is also looking forward to meeting all of us!

“I am excited to be here, and looking forward to working with everybody!”