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Suicide Prevention

By: Jodi Daly, Ph.D., President and CEO September is National Suicide Prevention Month, but it is important to call attention to this serious public health concern all year long, and show-case efforts to reduce the risk of suicide. According to the CDC, one in four adults between 18 and 24 have considered suicide in the […]

8 Ways to Avoid Feeling Isolated in the Midst of a Pandemic

For many of us in areas with high infection rates of COVID-19, our last 6 months have required a lot of drastic changes. With stay at home orders limiting travel, cancelling activities, and forcing work-from-home arrangements for those who are able, many people have seen a steep drop-off in the amount of interaction they have […]

What is Mindfulness?

By: Ron Gengler, Chief Clinical Officer During this time of ever changing and 24/7 information through traditional news sources and social media we can and are flooded.  We are tasked with determining what is accurate, what is embellished, what is sensationalized and what is just plain wrong.  I was listening to a news station and […]

Comprehensive Healthcare in Benton County Welcomes Colin Kelly, ARNP

Colin Kelly, ARNP with Comprehensive Healthcare is now accepting new patients at their Benton/Franklin County location at 2715 Saint Andrews Loop, Suite C in Pasco. Kelly is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and obtained his nursing degree from East Tennessee University and his Masters of Science in Nursing with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner certification from Vanderbilt […]

Comprehensive Healthcare Hires Cultural Competency Liaison

Maryrose Gonzalez (Ahna-Nai-Pum) has joined Comprehensive Healthcare as their Cultural Competency Liaison. This new position at Comprehensive Healthcare was made possible through the provisions of the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Grant. The Cultural Competency Liaison will assist in ensuring behavioral health treatment provided by Comprehensive Healthcare is culturally-appropriate for all diverse communities within […]

Impacto del COVID a nuestra salud mental

En estos tiempos de pandemia es muy común que personas padezcan de etapas de sobre pendiente y preocupo. Sin tomar atención a estos síntomas es muy fácil de que la persona desarrolle un trastorno de ansiedad o pánico.  Ha este tiempo hay pocas revisiones así a los datos del impacto del COVID en la poblada […]

Cómo unirse a una reunión de Webex con un video Unidad de conferencia

Empiece por programar la reunión de Webex y enviar la invitación a todos los participantes 1. Abra su calendario de Outlook y busque una reunión específica de Webex. Haga doble clic para abrir la reunión. 2. Debajo del botón verde Unirse a la reunión está “Unirse desde un sistema de video o aplicación” seguido de […]

Desde una invitación de calendario / correo electrónico, siga los pasos a continuación:

Si ha descargado la aplicación gratuita de la App Store de su dispositivo: 1. Al seleccionar el enlace “Unirse” en el correo electrónico de confirmación de registro, se abrirá automáticamente la aplicación en su dispositivo. 2. También puede unirse a reuniones desde la aplicación a. Toque el botón “unirse a la reunión”. b. Ingrese el […]

Webex Help for Mobile App

If you’re on the go, you can join a meeting with your therapist, counselor, or provider from your Apple or Android phone, tablet or Apple watch using Webex mobile app. You’ll be able to use video, chat with other participants, and share content. Tap Join in your email invitation when it’s time to join the meeting. Tap Download to […]